Parineeti Chopra stylecheck: From zero to hero!

Posted: February 16, 2014 in celeb
Parineeti Chopra is a bubbly and energetic actress and that reflects in her style too. All peppy and sometimes over the top. Well she may not be the best dressed actress but she is definitely making an effort and has improved heaps and boulders. We will tell you how and where she has made a fashion statement and a fashion blunder!


parineeti chopra

This is a salwaar with a twist and a good twist. The white kothi camouflages her weight very well giving a slimming effect. The choice of going zero on accessories and the red lips makes this look decent.


parineeti chopra

This dress is super cute! The prints on this white dress make her look thin and fresh! The belt and the jacket give her a miss-goody-two-shoes look and this is definitely one of her finest appearances so far.


parineeti chopra

WOW! Now this is what this Punjabi Khudi is capable of, making heads turn and eyeballs pop! She looks gorgeous in this floor length bronze anarkali with heavy dupatta and looks her best in this Indian attire.


parineeti chopra

This color suits Parineeti! It brings a warm glow to her personality and makes her look elegant. This orange floor length gown compliments her skin tone. Her hair and make up too are done well.

gown gone wrong

parineeti chopra

Okay, Ms Chopra, I think I praised you too much! This outfit definitely takes away from all your sensible appearances. The color is beautiful, but doesn’t suit her and adds volume to her already heavy frame. Her make up is too chalky and she looks bad!

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